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Thread: Please review my site and give me some idea

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    Please review my site and give me some idea

    Hi bros i created my own image upload center in a few days ago with a php script
    please visit my site
    and give me some idea about anything like:
    design performance and anything i have something to do with this
    im creating an user management system for and still confuse is that better using some java framework like spring or hibernate or just go ease on it and use plain php give me some idea?
    and give me some idea that how can i improve my site statistics like anything you know better than me.
    thanx alot

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    Mumbai , India.
    Way too simple site...try working more on the design..

    1) Add some Advertisements ,

    2) Add Terms and Conditions Page,About Us Page , and also a Donate Page where users can donate via paypal as you are providing a free service..

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