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Thread: SVGWeb: Flash Rendering Breaks Tooltips in IE8

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    SVGWeb: Flash Rendering Breaks Tooltips in IE8


    I am trying to come up with a solution to some code I am working on.

    I have uploaded my current code to JSFiddle here: http://jsfiddle.net/tWP5k/3/

    *Note that the styles / css don't quite match up on JSFiddle as they appear on my test page*

    I have an SVG based interface that displays a map along with colour shading and unemployment rate data across Canada.

    I am working on making this compatible with IE8 and have run into a few problems.
    1. Since IE8 doesn't support SVG I am using SVGWeb to render the SVG as flash in IE and other browsers that don't support SVG.

    2. This causes the qTip JS to stop function and the SVG seems to no longer recognize any sort of "mouseover".

    I have tried to do some debugging by adding an "onmouseover" event in the HTML that would popup an alert with the city name, as well I have tried using javascript's setAttribute("onmouseover", "tooltip data here"); and neither of these work.

    I've also tried to set the title attribute using JS yet that doesn't seem to work also.

    I guess I am wondering if anybody has any ideas, I know this isn't a SVGWeb specific forum but the google groups dedicated to SVGWeb doesn't have too much activity.

    One idea which I had, not sure how much work it would be, but to overlay an image map (with transparent *.png file) overtop of my SVG that would contain hotspots for the different cities / provinces. The downside to this is that I don't know how I would maintain interactivity between mouseover on the image map, and clicking the various cities and provinces to update the table / graph.

    Thanks for any suggestions!
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