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Thread: Div not scrolling on mobile devices

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    Question Div not scrolling on mobile devices

    Hi Guys,

    Not sure if im in the right forum but it its HTML as far as im aware..

    I have a site that uses several Divs and they use the autoflow property so the user can scroll the contents of the div.

    This all works but on some moblie phones the divs dont seem to be scrollable im getting told.

    Can anyone suggest what I can do to sort this?


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    I presume you are referring to the CSS setting "overflow: auto;". If so, there are two questions I have:

    1. Do these devices usually use on-screen scroll bars to deal with overflow?
    2. Have you tried using the setting "overflow: scroll;"? That (usually) explicitly displays scroll bars, even if they are not needed.

    If that does not help I can only suggest re-designing the site to allow the divs to expand to display the content. Though that seems like overkill. These devices must have the capacity to deal with content that does not fit on the screen! Thought: You are not using the setting "overflow: hidden;" are you?
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    Ive been using overflow:auto; right enough so perhaps setting it to scroll will make a difference, for some reason ive always plumped for auto and have never had a problem till now.

    Im not to sure on the devices that are having the issue Ill ask more I was just asked why the data on the page wouldnt scroll on some devices..

    Ill let you know how I get on and thanks for your suggestion :-)


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