I'm an OLD-time VB coder (I'm not a programmer but did a lot of coding in VB back in the 80's and 90's) and as such I'm used to old-school IDE's where you launch the app and land right in the coding window and start off with typing away.

I'd like to find a good JavaScript IDE that has command completion, interactive help and whatever else that I might need.

I've looked at a number of IDE's and there was one thing that always threw me as a noob--I couldn't, in any of them, quickly figure out where to start coding. Everything wanted me to start a "Project" (and to me a project is a GROUP of things) and none of them ever made it clear where the interface was to actually write code.

Can someone recommend a solid IDE and perhaps give this clearly blind old-timer a quick pointer to where you go in it to start coding?

I have my own web host via Bluehost if that factors into this at all.

Thanks in advance....