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Thread: How do I find web developers to build my e-commerce site?

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    How do I find web developers to build my e-commerce site?

    I am starting an e-commerce website in a niche industry which does not already exist. This is a $25 billion industry that has a $112 billion impact on the GNP. My financial analyst friends are very optimistic of my concept. I don't have the money to pay these web developers at this point but will do so when the site is generating revenue. It is a large project that will require programmers and designers, who will be working on this project for many years to come to expand and maintain the site. These web developers will have global exposure and recognition of their work once the site is launched. the site will start in the USA and expand worldwide.

    Please give me guidance on how and where to find people who understand that this is an investment in their future as well and is mutually beneficial to all. Thanks.

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