Good day,

I'm not good in perl and it's not my major course however I do have a university project and I should submit it to my doctor. The project talks about a Perl game name Isola.

I read about it in wikipedia:

My project is:

Project 4: ISOLA
Isola is a two-player. It is played on a 7x7 board which is initially filled with squares, except at the starting positions of the pieces. Both players have one piece; it is placed randomly on the board White W and Black B of the row closest to his/her side of the board.

The starting position:
A move consists of two subsequent actions:
1. Moving one's piece to a neighboring (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) position that contains a square but not the opponent's piece
2. Removing any square with no piece on it.
3. Create the possibility to choose the number of columns and rows with maximum 9x9 rows and columns and minimum 6x6.
The player who cannot make any more loses the game.

Can anybody help me with it? Is there a place I can download this script ready? Anything I can do please your help