Hi Guys,

First time posting here. I'm fairly new to Javascript, in general, so I'm not really great at figuring out the problems. I have been trying to figure out this problem for hours and hours:

Basically, I have a box-shadow effect on a circle that needs to pulsate at random intervals. It needs to "appear" and then "fade" out with a ~5 sec. sustain between the two actions. The appear/fade effect should last a few seconds as well. Obviously, the effects should happen, and then loop and do it again at a random time.

However, the problem I'm having is that it appears just fine, but when it fades, sometimes it looks like it's being cut off. I would like it to be a smooth transition, and have it complete its fade out effect.

Here is what I have:

function circleOneGlow() {}

(function loop() {
    var rand = Math.round(Math.random() * (14000 - 9500)) + 3500;
    setTimeout(function() {
			$('circle1back').appear({ duration: (Math.random() * 2) + 1});
					$('circle1back').fade({ delay: (Math.random() * (7 - 2)) + 1, duration: (Math.random() * 2) + 1});
				}, 3000);
    }, rand);
Any help would be much appreciated. It's been driving me mad. Also, an explanation of what is wrong would be really helpful to help me learn from my mistakes.