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Thread: Mailto PHP causing my javascript to stop working

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    Mailto PHP causing my javascript to stop working

    Hey guys,
    I have a PHP mailto form and it is causing my java roundabout function to stop working. Is there a way around this or a new version of the form? take it easy on me I'm a newb at this

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    No way for me to know based on that little bit of information. Since we don't know what code is being executed (PHP or JavaScript), it's a bit hard to debug. (There are hundreds -- if not thousands -- of PHP mail scripts out there, and I don't have any idea off my head if "roundabout" is a specific JS function/object someone has created or a generic description of, perhaps, some AJAX call.)
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    sorry i thought I had a link to the page.... its www.7paths.net click on the contact tab and you'll see what I am talking about....If you need more information I will do my best to post it as quickly as possible
    thank you

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