I have put my CV online, which works and displays fine on the screen.
I use the <fieldset> tags to separate the sections and make it easier to navigate.

However, when I print it out, only the FIRST page of each fieldset section is printed.
It is as if the rest of the entries (on multiple pages) within the <fieldset> region are truncated.

The CSS looks like this
<style type="text/css">
fieldset { width:90%; }
legend { font-weight:bold; color:blue; }
ul { margin:0px 10px; padding:0px 10px; }
li { list-style-type:none; }
and doesn't look to me be be causing any problems.

Is this a problem with the <fieldset> tag and printouts?
It that the way it is supposed to work?
Are there any workarounds to print ALL the pages of the CV?

I can provide a link via a PM if anyone is interested in helping me solve this problem.'
I don't believe I have any special code to cause this printout problem, but since I'm
in education there are just a bunch of publication citations that might bore the average person.