Been working on this for ages and can't get the hang of it.

Basically I have two links 'menu' and 'buy this image'.
At present when you click 'menu' it drops down a slider with the menu content on it. And also it hides the 'buysection' content that is on the slider.


I can't figure out how to do it the other way round.
So when you click 'buy this image' it drops down a slider with the 'buysection' content on it. And it hides the 'menu' content which will be called 'static'

	<div id="menu">
		<a href="#" class="topMenuAction"><h>Menu</h></a>
	<div id="buy">
		<a href="#" class="topMenuActionBuy"><h>Buy this image</h></a>

<script type="text/javascript">
	$(document).ready(function() {
		marginTop: "-295px"}); 
		$(".topMenuAction").click( function() {
		marginTop: "-295px", height:"330px" 
		}, 900 )
			if ($("#openCloseIdentifier").is(":hidden")) {
					marginTop: "-295px", height:"330px" 
					}, 900 );
			} else {
					marginTop: "0px", height:"100%"
					}, 600 );


	<div id="sliderWrap">
		<div id="openCloseIdentifier"></div>
		<div id="sliderdrop">
			<div id="sliderContent">
Any ideas? I'm at a real dead end.