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Thread: entities for Hebrew glyphs display reversed order

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    entities for Hebrew glyphs display reversed order


    I have a page with English text with occasionally inserted Hebrew words, for which I use Hebrew character entities. Being the text is primarily English, I do not set the dir attribute anywhere on the page, and write the entities in the order I want them to appear. However, when the entities are parsed, apparently the browser (Firefox and Safari on Mac) recognize them as a right-to-left language, and reverses the order of appearance.

    Even if I try manipulating the order of the Hebrew character entities by placing them in <span lang="he" dir="rtl"> or <span lang="he" dir="ltr"> containers, it has no effect - the order is still reversed from the way it is written in the code.

    Can anyone tell me what is happening here, and why I have no control over how the characters are displayed?

    I am not comfortable with depending on the browser/system making decisions on how I want a string of characters displayed for me based on the range of entities I use.

    Thank you kindly,

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