Hello friends I want to use jquery slider with Dynamic Drive pagination
you can see the all code and link here: ( http://myjquerylab.in/pagination/ ) we I drag the slide It's not working

Please help me as soon as possible .

var totalitems=this.pieces.length //total number of broken up divs
var showstartindex=pagenumber*this.chunksize //array index of div to start showing per pagenumber setting
var showendindex=showstartindex+this.chunksize-1 //array index of div to stop showing after per pagenumber setting

/* bottom Slider*/
$( "#slider" ).slider({
min: 0,
max: this.pagecount-1,
step: 1,
slide: function( event, ui )

$( "#slider" ).slider( "value", pagenumber );

/* end bottom Slider*/