Hey guys, atm Im really stump.

Mine php skills is quite high but not mine Javascript.

Anyway for start here is mine script.


<script type="text/javascript">
function dbclick()


Vul deze form in om je aan te melden voor de Kalender.

<form action="regcheck.php" method="post">
Gebruikers Naam<br>
<input type="text" size="15" name="ruser" id="ruser" ><br>
Persoonlijk Wachtwoord<br>
<input type="text" size="15" id="rpassword" name="rpassword"><br>
<input type="submit" ondblclick="dbclick()" id="submits" value="Aanmelden">

Im looking for a way once a user double click the submit button that an alert message will be popped up.
Once the alert has been popped up, the page processing to regcheck.php must be stopped.