Good day fine people of WD forum
I am unsure where to turn to and I was hoping I can get some advice on building a website. Im a physician in Belize and wanted to create a website that will allow doctors to log in and write eprescriptions. The layout will be such:
1. Login/Password page - they will be given a temporary username and password, once they login they can change it...of course the usual recovery of forgotten passwords etc.
2. 1st page - the doctor will chose one of several pharmacies that have signed up for the product allowing them to receive e-prescriptions. Each pharmacy will have a designated email.
3. 2nd page - a pdf formatted prescription that will have fields the doc fills out. Once completed the doc hits review.
4. 3rd page- a pdf version of the prescription for review with a submit or edit button
5. 4th page - if the doc hits submit then the form is emailed to both the receiving pharmacy and the person who sent it, and a confirmation and thank you message comes up.

Security isnt that big of an issue due to the reallllllly lax prescription procedures in Belize.

If someone can direct me to a program that can allow me to create this (as I have very little knowledge of site building), a drag, drop and template type program will greatly help.

Once again. thank you for taking the time out to read and help. I apologize if this is not the write place to post it but I wasn't sure, so thought this was the safest bet.