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Thread: Need to get simple tooltips in a JQuery (1.4) enabled site running...

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    Need to get simple tooltips in a JQuery (1.4) enabled site running...


    I am a long-time member of this site, getting back into hardcore development as an individual contributor after stinking as a manager.

    I am relatively new to JQuery but I like what it offers and I like what I know about it.

    I am wondering if someone can help me with this issue?
    I want to use the tooltips in JQuery, just simple guidance text around a form. Either with hover state tooltips on question marks (?) next to a field or on focus in a field, I just want to get the built-in tooltips in JQuery running. Can anyone point me in the right direction on this?

    I feel like I am over thinking it, but maybe I am not. Can anybody help out?

    Thank you

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    I like both qTip2 and jQuery-UI.
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    Thank you but I am in need of more help than that. I can search and get that from Google. I need help!
    For example, this "example page" appears to be ultra simple, but there are like 4 includes and a bunch of CSS and JS that needs to be pulled in to make it all happen.
    But this example page is what I want, down to the color, shadows and other appearance particulars.
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    If anyone can help me get this running I would so very much appreciate it.

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    Ok I am going crazy.

    I feel like each of these supposed easy JQuery enabled solutions require the following:
    - Some version of JQuery to be installed - mostly 1.3 and up
    - An ADDITIONAL JS file
    - Additional CSS
    - Additional in-page javascript.

    I feel like I am herding cats. There are hundreds of these, and I just spend all morning trying to get one to work, and failed.

    Is there a simple way to do this? I am stuck.

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