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Thread: Help with task :)

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    Help with task :)

    "as part of task I must desgin a website that is made up of one view

    , a page that loads completely onlythe once. Once the loaded the page must consist of at least 4 sub-sections, each

    section must load/reload or redisplay at least on other piece of information. This

    means in total there are 8 xml documents making up the web presence and that

    the page loads in itís entirety just the once.

    All pages must be written in xml, must use a transform to generate the output

    and may use xsl as required to style each of the sections. The sub-sections

    should change in response to any event chosen to load them or even on a

    timed event, all this without requiring the reload of the entire page, so ajax

    technologies are required here"

    I am stuck basicly in the main area as i am not sure how my main xml should look like in order to dynamiclly load the XML sections

    how should i do this?

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    I agree everything with you and write the some own idea . In the XML, we can create the own tag and give the value of this tag, according to the our project. It is very easy to understand and use it.
    Thanking you .

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    that's a lot to ask for. You're going to have to provide something you've already started on so we can help you with what you've already got. We're not going to write the entire thing for you.

    for now... my only hint is to look at xlinking, xpath and xpath queries.

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