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Thread: Trentinney Farm Holiday Cottages

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    Trentinney Farm Holiday Cottages

    Hi everyone

    I am a new user here, just this minute signed up. By day I am a business application developer, it just so happens that my most recent business application is an Intranet with an ASP .NET MVC 3 front end.

    A friend asked me to develop a "family friendly" looking website for his farm. I am by no stretch of the imagination a "web designer" but in order to save him some money I agreed and this is the result


    Because I am practically a complete novice when it comes to web design I would really appreciate feedback, as I love to tinker with the site and make improvements.

    I hope to learn a lot of good stuff from you guys during my stay here

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    I'm always up for networking with fellow web professionals. Connect with me on LinkedIn if you like!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbVision View Post
    +infinity. First thing I noticed in the original posting.

    The text at the bottom is too small for practical reading.

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    Comic Sans Criminal, lol!
    You should really change the font - it spoils the whole feel. Otherwise, it's a good site. I like the cow and the background and the images. Makes me wanna come there!

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    Oh, snazzy...

    A warm welcome, (you only need a cow tune to go with it, Stomping Tom Conners or something, but not seriously).

    It must be a family getaway for husband and wife, two and a half children, station van wagon, and Dalmatian!!!

    I wonder how many children have input in the family's vacation plans these days??

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    The layout looks fine so far. It's not hard to read but I would suggest to stay away from the ComicSans font. Also, I would suggest looking at web design portfolio sites to have a better idea and inspiration on web design. But I appreciate the simplicity of it and the ease of navigation.
    great how to printing videos

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    Thanks for the feedback. I posted a request on another web developer forum and didn't get a single reply.

    I am not 100% keen on the font myself, but not sure which font to use which will both look better and also look informal.

    Any suggestions?


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    I've updated it, I chose "MS Serif"

    Here is the main page - Cornwall farm holidays
    And I also decided to change the CSS for one of the buildings called "The Roundhouse" which is focused more on couples wanting a Romantic Break rather than a family holiday.

    I'm pretty pleased that the redesign of the latter page was so easy with CSS, I can by no stretch of the imagination be classified as a website designer.

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