i'm visiting these forums, time by time, to see some interesting (for me) questions which i think i could answer. scripting for me is just a hobby and i realize that there are many people here who are professionals in JS and other programming languages and technologies. also i hope i can improve a little my english when conversing with english-speaking people, i really love this language but can't get any practice in speaking english at the place where i live.

but the thing that bursts my brains out is how bravely some people jump into being "web-designers", sometimes with having no any clue what it really is!! sometimes they say "i got some conflicts/errors, please help!" but i do not see they tried to find the answer by themselves. sometimes i see tons of linked scripts in the code that they provide, and none of those scripts is written by "the author" but by somebody else. all i can say to such "programmers" and "web-designers" is LMAO! guys, why wouldn't you try to build a space ship or a nuclear reactor this way? and why do you so strongly believe that you can be web-masters if you are unable to write a simple little script which works?!

it's easy to see who tried and who did not, and it's a pleasure to help only the first ones.

my excuses for this off topic and for my disgusting english, greetings from Russia to everyone! ))