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Thread: simple file manager done in PHP

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    simple file manager done in PHP

    Are there any tools that allow for a simple file system done with php/mysql?

    Basics features such as:
    - admin(s) can create folders
    - admin(s) can upload files
    - admin(s) can assign read/edit permissions to files
    - permissions are assigned to users and/or users of people?

    this is the type of think I could code relatively quickly, but im hoping there is something free and lightweight out there that already exist.... Suggestions?

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    I googled "php file manager open source", without the quotes, and saw several possibilities.

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    http://phpatm.org/ http://sourceforge.net/projects/olatedownload/
    And many CMS/Forums have good one is jdownloads for Joomla http://jdownloads.com/index.php?opti...=115&Itemid=75 it also support Mass Download Function

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