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Thread: How do i make a Rating button?

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    Question How do i make a Rating button?

    Hi guys, i'm new to this webdeveloper.com,.

    Without a dought thought it seems great here.
    Okay let me start: first of all i need a rating site, but not a avarage rating site with the original 5 star button stuff.

    I need it to have 2 images vs each other and as the visitor clicks the one button it adds a point onto that image its more like a vote. each image has a button. so as soon as you press either one, +1 point gets added onto that img, then the 2 buttons become a next!

    Do you understand this or should i explain further?
    I need directions on where and what to use php? css? java? you name it! some help would be appreciated.

    By clicker

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