I am new to the forum and to using html in general, but out of necessity am in need of help and advise. I am working with Excel vba to create a macro that can fill an online form, click on the search button and save the results back to Excel. With help I have done this in the past for simple websites, but can't seem to manage this time around.

The website is www.scopus.com, but it behind a firewall. I was able to save the html script and a picture of what the webpage looks like and where the search should be entered. Also I saved the webpage as an mhtml file.

What I can't seem to work is finding the right syntax for directing vba to the input box. I believe that I have isolated the needed elements in the form:

-------------A------------- ------B------ -----C------ -----D------ -------E-------- -----F------ ------G------
  1   Form_Name                   Form_ID       Element_Name Element_ID   Element_nodeName Element_Type Element_Value
  2   AdvancedValidatedSearchForm advSearchForm searchfield  searchhidden INPUT            hidden                    
  3   AdvancedValidatedSearchForm advSearchForm                           INPUT            submit       Search
Can anyone help me with this issue?

Also does anyone know of any html macro recorders that record directly into VB/ VBA? Preferably free, but willing to pay if its a good product.