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Thread: Saving value of radion buttons in different variables

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    Post Saving value of radion buttons in different variables

    if I submit the HTML Form in action.html file.
    this html Form has some Radio Buttons.
    the value of selected radio button is received in action.php file.
    I want to save this value in a variable.
    if I submit the Form again with different radio button selection, then it should be saved in another variable.
    in this way, if I have there radion buttons , then I should have three different variables.
    How can I get it.How can save its value in one variable for complete sesseion.thanks.

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    I would suggest a hidden field with a count of the number of submissions.
    For instance the first time the form is show you would have:
    <input type="hidden" name="counter" value="1">
    Your session value for the first submission would be for instance:

    Where radiofield would be the name of your radio buttons.

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