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    userīs picture/info

    hey guys I was not to sure of where I should post this question I taught it was better in sql.

    Now mine secured login and registration scripts are completed and the calender as well there is 2 type of information that I wish to have.

    1 I want that the user could change the image to it's like on the top of the calender and also I want that the user can view his notes that has been inserted.

    Now I wonder,
    Must I create 2 seperated tables 1 where the image get stored and 1 for the user's notes?
    Or is there some other king of way I must do.

    I work with.
    html/css/xml/javascript/php and mysql.

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    Calender notes are always difficult because of the real-estate constraints.

    Seperating disparate information into their own tables will always yield positive results, however if the content sizes are small and generally static, they can all be grouped in a table.

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