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Thread: Mouseover image swap: limitations?

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    Mouseover image swap: limitations?

    Hello all

    I have the following situation: On a site we have a navigation in the form of a wheel. I have found a similar example: http://www.fabnewyou.org/_images/pro...duct-wheel.jpg

    Our wheel has more navigation points though, about 36. It measures 460x460px and currently is about 225 KB in size.

    What we would like to do now, is a mouseover effect (different background and font color) for every single point. I thought about doing it with javascript, swapping the image. But that would mean I need 37 versions of the navigation wheel, with every possible state, and then swapping according to the mouse position.

    My question: Is this practicable? I imagine 37 images is a lot to do this, but maybe todays browsers have no issue handling this "load"? Bandwidth is not that much of an issue because the site is an intranet, without access from outside the company. Therefore it is only accessed through the local network.

    Image measures: 460 x 460 px
    Size: 225 Kb (per image)
    Possible states using image swap: 37


    Would there be any better solution, like slicing it for example (which is a bit hard though given it is a wheel)?

    Thanks for your inputs.

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    how about sprites

    see particularly this example

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