I'm new to jquery and trying to impress at a new job!!

I am having difficulty displaying elements across 2 div's. I used the :lt() selector to display the first 20.
<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
        url: 'http://action.savethechildren.org.uk/ea-dataservice/data.service?service=EaDataCapture&token=5a84aa1e-f378-40e6-bcf3-d7c1aea81e61&campaignId=14404&resultType=detail',
       dataType: "xml",
       success: function(xml) {

                      var fname = $(this).find('EaColumn[name="First Name"]').text() +(" - ");
                      var town =  $(this).find('EaColumn[name=Town]').text() +("<br />");
                       $("fname").css("color", "red"); 
                      $("div#G8_List_of_NamesDiv").append(fname) .append(town);
                     // $("div#List_of_CountriesDiv").append(fname) .append(town)


// ]]></script>
I tried using the slice() method for the next div, but that did not appear to work and Firebug wasn't showing any errors.


$(xml).find("EaRow .slice(21,40)").each(function()

Please help...thanks