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Thread: client's xml textblock change module

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    client's xml textblock change module

    Hallo everybody,
    this is my first post in this forum. I would like someone to help me with this issue:

    I have a flash app using an xml setting file. I would like that my clients will be allowed to change the textblock fields only and update the changes directly in the server.
    The ideal world will be to have a module that allows them only to change the pausetextanimation, text line1/2/3, and maybe add new text blocks (I have prepared a 3 blocks text but it could be made by n blocks)

    HTML Code:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    	BannerWidthSize = "800"
    	BannerHeightSize = "200"
    	LettersWidth = "20"
    	LettersSpacing = "1"
    	NumOfLines = "3"
    	NumOfLettersInLine = "40"
    	LineSpacing = "1"
    	TextXposition = "32"
    	TextYposition = "48"
    	OptionalBackgroundImage = "img/bg_image_sample_1.jpg"
    	OptionalBackgroundColor = "0x080F08"
    	RepeatAnimation = "true"
    	PlayTheSound = "true"
    	<TextBlock PauseTextAnimation = "7">
    		 <Line>line1 anim1</Line>
    		 <Line>lin2 anim1</Line>
    		 <Line>lin3 anim1</Line>
    	<TextBlock PauseTextAnimation = "8">
    		 <Line>line1 anim2</Line>
    		 <Line>lin2 anim2</Line>
    		 <Line>lin3 anim2</Line>
    	<TextBlock PauseTextAnimation = "10">
    		 <Line>line1 anim3</Line>
    		 <Line>lin2 anim3</Line>
    		 <Line>lin3 anim3</Line>
    Thank you for your kind support. Any suggestion is appreciated.

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    UP, please could anyone help me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzarino View Post
    UP, please could anyone help me?
    Does anybody helps me? over 360 viewers and no answer? Please... :-)

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