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Thread: Expanded header background

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    Question Expanded header background

    I have set background for menu header with X-repeat like:
    #header1 {
    background: url("../images/header_background1.jpg") repeat-x scroll center top transparent;

    Issue is the following:
    if I set banner on the right hand side under this header it will be top header background till size of display (X repeat). If I set banner larger than this display resolution it will not be top background expanded. How to solve this as currently it is EMPTY blank space for the difference. Should be image enlarged for the background (header_background1.jpg)?

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    repeat-x scroll center top transparent
    Don't really know what you are attempting to do.
    Please post a link to the on-line page and describe for us again what is displayed and how you would like to change that.

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    You see repeat-x scroll

    This will expand top header or menu background to the end of display resolution. As you set banner under this area it will position banner more than resolution (display).

    Can be expanded repeat-x scroll regardless to display resolution?

    I'm sorry website is testing and not published.

    Is it possible to set repeat-x scroll with MIN-MAX width in the future?

    See snap.
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