hi i m doing MIS . before admission uni told me there will be no coding in the program. but after joining i got my first assignment for user interface design. which is given below. please help as its due next Wednesday.
Memo: Website Requirements
From: Management of Tak3Away, Private Limited.
To : WIMP Engineering R&D Consultants
Design and develop a web based self-service ordering system for Tak3Away. The idea is to allow customers to place their order through a web browser. Upon confirming their order and after checking out from the web self-service ordering system, the customer can at their leisure drive or walk-in into one of the specified take-away outlets to collect their order.
Resources such as images and a price list of food items can be found in PRORESOURCE.ZIP. The content of the ZIP file is:
1. Resource List.pdf an index of all the images with relevant details of associated filenames, price list and location of outlets.
2. Food Pictures folder Folder of 20 food images.
3. Outlet.png an image indicating the four different take-away outlets.
4. Tak3AwayLogo.png image of Tak3Away logo.
General Requirements
The managers of Tak3Away insist that the following requirements must be adhered to:
1. Each webpage of the website must display the Tak3Away logo.
2. Do not change the prices of the food items. Do not rename the filenames of any of the images.
3. All details of food items and associated images must be presented to the customers. This can be done within one webpage or distributed
2.across several webpages. The idea is to ensure that customers are made aware of the complete selection of food items available at Tak3Away.
4. The images are to be used as it is. You can resize the images retaining the original aspect ratio, but do not crop or edit (e.g. recolour, touch up, sharpen, etc.) or rename the images in any way.
5. Upon completing the order and on check-out process from the website, the customer is presented with an image of the location of the four available outlets. Prompt the customer to select which outlet they prefer to collect their meal. Customers must select one and only one outlet.
On the specified due date, you are to deliver one report and an example of a working prototype for the management approval process.

i have another zip folder which contains all pics but dont know how to upload it here.

plz help me out