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Thread: Accordion Script not rendering in IE 7,8 or 9 - Works fine in Chrome/Firefox

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    Accordion Script not rendering in IE 7,8 or 9 - Works fine in Chrome/Firefox

    Hi All,

    The URL in question is "http://www.imajonesin.com/breakfast.html"

    The accordion script works off of Prototype I believe, and the site is also using jQuery for an image slideshow.

    I know this script in its most "basic" form works with IE. Its something I've done with the CSS styling to break it in IE. I'm new to CSS and JS to some extent, so I've run out of ideas to get it to work in IE. It renders perfectly in firefox and chrome. Haven't tested in Safari.

    There are horizontal accordions embedded withing the vertical accordions. I'm assuming that has something to do with it, as a page with nothing but horizontal accordions with nothing embedded renders fine (http://www.imajonesin.com/classics.html)

    If there is anything specific in the source you need, let me know... but I've tried to keep everything as "clean" and easy to read as possible.

    Thanks for your assistance,

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    I've run the HTML through validation...

    The errors that come up are related to more than one element with the same ID tag... however I can't change that, that's how the script came "pre-packaged." From what I can see there aren't any other errors.

    The CSS errors relate to box-shadow not being 2.1 compliant, background gradient compliances related to the menu-bar script. The other errors I don't understand.


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