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    Smile Php Array Syntax Error


    I am fairly new to this and to forums .... so please can someone help me.

    I have this bit of code that is driving me insane. I cant begin to tell you how many times I have tried to go over it. What I am trying to do is retrieve the string of search critera from the DB, split it up and then make make the Checkboxes Checked if they were check for the search.

    The section of code is as follows and the error message I am getting is :
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FOREACH when I try run the code.
    Dreamweaver says that there is a syntax error on line 4.

    $myCriteria = substr($mySearch,0,-1);
    $XPcolors= explode("|",$myCriteria);*
    $seeds=array("SouthAfrica","Botswana","Namibia","Mauritius","Mozambique","Kenya","Tanzania","Uganda" ,"Zimbabwe","Zambia");

    foreach ($seeds as $supercolor) {
    if($supercolor == $XPcolors) {
    *echo "<option value=\"$supercolor\" SELECTED>$supercolor</option>";
    *} else
    **echo "<option value=\"$supercolor\">$supercolor</option>";


    Please Help !


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    If you remove the *'s it works for me.
    Chris, Senior Developer,
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    resolved Weirdest thing

    Thanks for the feedback .... and I had no idea what you were talking about because when I look at my code .... there are no stars .... but when I looked back at this post I noticed that there were these crazy little things popping up out of the blue. Craziest thing !! No wonder it was saying a syntax error.

    Thanks once again !!

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    Try this.

    PHP Code:
    foreach ($seeds as $supercolor)
    '<option value="'$supercolor'" SELECTED>'$supercolor'</option>';
    '<option value="'$supercolor'">'$supercolor'</option>';

    Previously the first conditional statement was checking to see if $supercolor == $XPcolors, and since $XPcolors was an array, that's the same as going if ($supercolor == array()). So by switching the condition to see if $supercolor is inside the $XPcolors array, you should be able to effectively compare values.

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