I have written some code with values as below. And when the user inputs a url - I need to be able to get the values from the labels and save to my web page (I do not need the label name for now - just the content. I am using Javascript and HTML. I have looked at several websites on screen scraping but cannot understand so I am needing some help from the experts. Thanks in advance.
I need the script to look for the values as they will be different each time from the URL that is entered into the textbox.

1. User enters url where they want to get the values from
2. Code searches for values and displays in iframe or table on same page as the textbox for the url.
3. The last piece will be they will need to paste into another url that has the same fields but need the values populated.

It is a copy and paste method.

<INPUT id="url" TYPE="type" NAME="name" size="60"
size="size"maxlength="maxlength" />

This an example that is from the page I need to copy from:

<label for="summary">Summary<span class="aui-icon icon-required"></span><span class="content">Required</span></label>
<input class="text long-field" id="summary" maxlength="255" name="summary" type="text" value="new setup" />