Hey folks,

Apologies for the long post.

I'm taking a year out to learn web design at home. My goal is to become as proficient a developer as possible (within this timeframe) and build a website that hopefully makes some money. If my site isn't successful I'll at least have the skills to build sites for other people and try new ideas. I'd really appreciate any input on this as it's crucial that I spend my time wisely.

The website I'm looking to design is a fitness website that will have user accounts, fitness calculators, custom fitness plans, a forum, advertisements and a shop/checkout.

I did some programming and web design at college a couple of years ago but have forgotten most of it due to having an unrelated job. I still have an advantage as I'm familiar with concepts like variables, loops etc.

Here is my current plan of action:

Month 1
i. Learn basic HTML
ii. Introduce CSS and Javascript
iii. Introduce PHP and MySQL

I'll do this using video tutorials on 3dbuzz dot com. It won't be anywhere near as in depth as a book but will teach my the essentials in a short amount of time.

Month 2
i. Buy a domain and hosting plan
ii. Build a basic framework for my site using wordpress
iii. Accumulate and create all the necessary health and fitness information and calculations
iv. Spend 2 days a week using books to learn and practice the above languages (repeat this step every month)

Month 3
i. Add functionality - user accounts, fitness calculators, custom fitness plans
ii. 1 day a week learning and applying SEO
iii. Marketing

Month 4
i. Create a forum and a checkout system
ii. Marketing
iii. 1 day a week learning and applying SEO

Month 5
i. Small tweaks to site
ii. 2 days a week SEO, marketing
iii. 3 days a week book learning


Does this plan seem ok to you, is it how you'd approach it?
Are these langauages future proof?
Should I use wordpress?
Do you have any other tips for me at all?

Cheers :-)