This concerns the color section of css. It would be easier if I explained what my goals are.
I have a rule based system that can find simple references in English text, like "the young child", or "a little red corvette". Then I can recognize, "The young child with an ice cream", as a stronger reference, and so on, until the rules hit a plateau of expertise. OK. Now I want to tint(hue) the base "simple reference" color to reflect something more than simple, so readers would not miss their significance.

The first difficulty is the granularity of the User's screen. Given an rgb expressed as rgb(R*n,G*n,B*n), where n is the granularity and 255>>n>=1. I once had a screen where n equaled 30. Granularity can be described as a step in quanta before colors change.

The second difficulty is the contrast or the color of the background canvas. I have to keep in mind that not everyone likes to read off dark backgrounds.

The third difficulty is if the text is too small an eye finds it difficult to distinguish hues/tints close to each other.

Do I have a can of worms here? meaning I will always get some complaints. Now I am using font-family to obtain contrasts, but that has to be replaced by a chosen font.

Does anyone have experience with coloring?

A working version is at