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Thread: @font-face not loading all fonts on Webkit

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    @font-face not loading all fonts on Webkit

    Here's the site, view it on a webkit browser, and a non webkit browser.

    There's a total of 4 fonts. Webkit loads the serif, and bold italic font, but doesn't even register the others

    I've done lots of projects with @font-face and I've never run into anything like this

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    Actually, there's only a total of 3 fonts that would be requested on your page. Nowhere on your page would you be required to load up sansreg. You've set it to appear on label's (of which there are none) and h5's - of which there is one, but it is in your footer and has an overridden style to use sansbold as it's font instead. Hence, sansreg will never be required by the browser.

    This still leaves you with the problem of why sansbold isn't downloading. I wonder if it's because of a syntax reason? You're missing a couple of semi-colons after font-style: normal in your @font-face (including one right before sansbold).

    That seems like it might be a stretch. What if you use <link> to embed the CSS rather than using @import? Does that make a difference?
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    the last semi colon before the closing brace isn't required (just as in javascript), so those have been left out on purpose.

    The solution I've found that works is to freshly download the fonts from font-squirrel where they originated from and link to the style sheet that came with the files in the original css file like @import "../../files/fonts/stylesheet.css";

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