I offer a new solution to the problems associated with small websites monetizing their web traffic. I combined aspects of Adsense type programs with the time honored delivery method of web directory and came up with a unique web directory as a way for small to medium sites to provide a high quality web directory and also to monetize their website.

The unique feature of the web directory is that the sites that install the free script also receive the categories and links (free) in real time. In other words, they receive a complete web directory without the hassle of reviewing and maintaining the links themselves. The end user gets the advantage that their link submission will be added to all the sites hosting the web directory too, resulting in their receiving much more advertising than what they would have received from just the small website.

Though the directory has been well received by the community to add their links and advertise their sites it has not been that well received when it comes to adding the web directory to websites. Without that acceptance I am only able to offer the advertising value delivered by my single, solitary website (except there are a few installs).

This result has occurred despite the script coming in three versions for each of custom php sites, WordPress sites and Joomla sites. I did have problems when initially launched with some technical issues and also with the user documentation and installation. I readdressed those and believe they have been solved but I'm not sure.

I am really at a point where I can't see the forest through the trees and could use some honest critiques of the idea, the software and the documentation. My main need is for the script to be installed so that the amount of web traffic offered to advertisers grows. I believe once that traffic grows then the rest of the ideas for monetizing will begin to be discovered and utilized. So, if critiques could go beyond critiquing the idea and actually look at the installation system and docs I would be greatly appreciative.

To be able to do that you will need to register and add a link to the directory in order to access the control panel and receive a script. Adding a link is free and so is the script.