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Thread: Review : Park2Peak.COM

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    Review : Park2Peak.COM

    I am using Volusion as a shopping cart for this site...

    Site : Park2Peak.com

    Reviews I want

    1) How do you feel when you look at it at the first look??

    2) Do you feel there is any change required in the design??

    P.S : Please give descriptive reviews.

    Thanks in Advance!!

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    Following your information strategy.

    (1) At the first look I saw three things. (1) The top of page was blank. The image in the middle showed up in color in a reassuring manner, rather than laboriously, and the mini images on the right were loading quickly (this pleased me on my centrino).

    (2) When I mouseovered the six main categories, like "GIRLS CLOTHING", I was expecting (2012) to see a mini presentation in the main animation window, of the offerings for girls clothing, to lure me directly to one of the choices. The layout is perfectly situated to facilitate this marketing strategy as a future option.

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    At the first look you site feels like a clutter. Next the logo should be small, the navigation bar should be more attractive with at least vertical aligned text. Also the paragraph text should have more line spacing and font size etc.
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