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Thread: What's the most marketable Web Applicaiton Language? What's the most powerful?

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    What's the most marketable Web Applicaiton Language? What's the most powerful?

    1) Most Marketable (as in there are most jobs in this area)
    2) Most Powerful (as in if I start a company, this language is scalable, efficient and reliable)

    I know of the following setups:
    1) LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
    2) Ruby on Rails (I'm not too sure what this is, I just heard the name)
    3) ASP.NET / IIS / Windows Server / SQL Server
    4) Java Server Pages / Java Servlets with Tomcat Server and Linux

    My guess is the most marketable is ASP.NET.

    The most powerful is LAMP?

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    In terms of most marketable, PHP punches ASP.NET in the mouth, takes its lunch money, points at ASP.NET, and laughs.

    Most powerful is going to be rather difficult to pin point due to how subjective it is. I would say the .NET family as a whole is rather strong since it goes beyond just web applications. Purely speaking web applications, just about any technology has it's strengths and weaknesses. Since PHP is specifically built for it, PHP tends to win out.

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    I would definitely say PHP hands down. The frameworks and the job openings for it are insane. I have been browsing jobs for developers and all I ever see is php developer and very rarely will i see .NET developers. PHP is definitely dominating the market in my area at least.(Orlando)
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    In terms of jobs, PHP people earn lesser salary then a .Net or Java person, but jobs in them are lesser compare to PHP.

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    PHP will always dominating due to its specificity for web world and the requirement of the web world is growing with the time but .NET have also some hands on web world but it goes beyond this web world.
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