Hello people! I have written a script for finding and highlighting matches of JS regular expressions in text. http://alik-abdulin.narod.ru/en/textcompreg
I have also written two scripts - exercises that may be useful for those learning
and teaching JS regular expressions. alik-abdulin.narod.ru/en/learnreg and http://alik-abdulin.narod.ru/en/guessregI want experts to appreciate them and
tell me whether they are worth more than just a beginner`s exercise in programming, if yes, I want people to use them. English is not my native language, so please tell me if there are mistakes in English on the pages with programs (I feel there are). There is not much content in my scripts - exercises
so if anyone wishes to send me some interesting content I will be grateful and
if I use it, I will mention him on my web-pages.