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Thread: upload files and view them online

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    Exclamation upload files and view them online


    I'm working on my graduation project it's about cloud computing I'm building my web server with VB.studio.

    what i want is how to enable users to upload files,view them online and edit them (EX. doc) just like Google app

    can you please help me

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    What you got so far or you want us to give the entire solution for you?

    1. Upload the file using method you prefer usually asp:FileUpload (Since this is web forum)
    2. Store that in a container and render it
    3. You need to have other methods and delegates for the function you want
    Good Luck

    Santos Systems

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    not the entire solution i just want the main idea i really don't know how it works
    like Sky Drive i can edit my Microsoft Word documents without the need to download them to my PC

    and thank you for your reply

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    There is a lot to study for this...

    If you are planning to make a Online File Editor for Ms Office Files....

    you need to search a lot of components (Which i know are very difficult to find) these components are mostly paid...which allow you to edit Ms Office Files online...

    I recommend you to do a google search and find such programs...

    or if you want to use the Google Docs API you can visit this official Google

    Google Docs API

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