Hello, I am new to this Forum.

I am seeking a website developer in California who can assist me in either directly developing some domain names I have, or as a consultant to advise me on utilizing some 3rd party prepared software that might be acceptable for my needs; perhaps with some modifications.

The developer/consultant must have extensive verifiable experience, be familiar with what is technically possible, and be willing to be compensated via an equity interest in the completed site.

I have quite a few Domain names, most registered in the 1990s. Several names are excellent ripe candidates for development ... with high key word serarches, CPC rates, and repeat visitation potential.

Some sites will be set up as free to view and free to post, supported by CPC ads only. Other sites will be "classifieds" type, registrationless (optional) to view, but credit card charge required to download product photos and contact information.

I am a pragmatic and practical person. I do not have stars in my eyes. I am a middle aged man with a graduate degree, and lots of life and business experience under me. I only tell you the above because hopefully it will lend some initial credibility to me and what my analysis indicates will be a successful (profitable) site(s) once up and running.

Feel free to contact me by email, all communications are confidential.

Thank you for taking time to read my post. Good fortune to you.

*apologies if this subject catagory is not the right location for this post.