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Thread: An Html Table Doesn't Work Well In Ie9

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    An Html Table Doesn't Work Well In Ie9

    Im not sure this is the right forum but,
    I have made a table and displayed it in my site in an Iframe.
    The table works fine but there are 2 problems
    1. The table doesn't display a scroll bar like I told it to do (chrome, FF - no problems).
    2. The table displays extremely high height rows(even though I wrote max-height: 50px in IE9.

    Please help.

    The table is here - www.s-maof.com/Forum/shares.php

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    The page pulled in by the <iframe> has no <!DOCTYPE> and the parent page has TWO! Fix those and you might see some improvement. At least you'll get consistency. Search on "doctype switch" so you can choose the <!DOCTYPE> that best matches your pages and will put browsers in Standards Compliance Mode. Good luck!
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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