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Thread: Background-image works here but not there

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    In first you are saying that you wanted to only change the background of your links which is much easy to do.But After this you are saying I want to changed entire background of P elements.
    It will be easier to diagnose what you need to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beewrangler View Post
    Thanks PBSWebDesign

    That is exactly what I was want it to do. I will consider the PHP includes and the offer that you made me in your e-mail.

    Can you tell me why it wasn't working the way I had it? Why did changing background-images { url("images/YellowBG.png"; } to background-image { url(".../images/YellowBG.png"; } fix the problem?
    "../" goes up one in your directory.

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    To be honest there were alot of issues going on at once. As I pointed out in the email. The main reason It works now is because I made the css an external sheet and properly linked to the background image using ../ as a way to go up one level to access the correct file being referenced. Let me know what you decide in regards to my offer. Glad its working for you now

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