Hi, I typed in <img id="model3.jpg alt="model3 src="../spencer/pictures/Mywebsites/MyGraphics.co.za/model3.jpg" style="height:173px; width:130px: border-width:0px;"/>

The editor changes it to <img id="model3.jpg" alt="model3" src="../spencer/pictures/Mywebsites/MyGraphics.co.za/model3.jpg" style="border-width:0px; height;173px width:130px;">

Ive typed this code straight after the <body> tag. CSS wont work on this computer, I dont know why.

THE IMAGE IS DEFINITELY IN THAT FILE. Im using html strict, or thats what the editor is using. Its Kompozer. do you think, I must try change the webeditor now, as Ive been trying to get images on for weeks now, or is it my program. Its windows vista, and I think its internet explorer7, not sure, the computer is over 5 years old now.