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Thread: could it be the webeditor. Because no image will show.

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    could it be the webeditor. Because no image will show.

    Hi, I typed in <img id="model3.jpg alt="model3 src="../spencer/pictures/Mywebsites/MyGraphics.co.za/model3.jpg" style="height:173px; width:130px: border-width:0px;"/>

    The editor changes it to <img id="model3.jpg" alt="model3" src="../spencer/pictures/Mywebsites/MyGraphics.co.za/model3.jpg" style="border-width:0px; height;173px width:130px;">

    Ive typed this code straight after the <body> tag. CSS wont work on this computer, I dont know why.

    THE IMAGE IS DEFINITELY IN THAT FILE. Im using html strict, or thats what the editor is using. Its Kompozer. do you think, I must try change the webeditor now, as Ive been trying to get images on for weeks now, or is it my program. Its windows vista, and I think its internet explorer7, not sure, the computer is over 5 years old now.

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    ../spencer/pictures/Mywebsites/MyGraphics.co.za/model3.jpg is quite the interesting file path, are you sure that's correct?

    We have no way to check your work without seeing the actual site.


    By the way, "model3.jpg" is not a legal ID. Not sure that has anything to do with the issue though.


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    Sounds like you're trying to add an image that exists on your computer and if you're adding this to the web, it's not going to be on the server.

    As tracknut says, we can't do much diagnostics as we don't have a clue what's going on your end.
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    you should be doing
    <img id="whatever" src="path/to/image.jpg" alt="Alternative text" />
    You should not be using html or css to resize the image. It will not really reduce the size of the file just the way it looks in the browser. Thus you can have a bunch of 4mb pictures on one page that you resized to 240px by 200px and they are each going to still load the full size of the file slowing down the computer. Resize the images and link them to the full size image but never resize the full size image with HTML or CSS. You can use infranview to batch resize images or something like gimp or fireworks.
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    Please keep posting in the same thread covering the same topic. This is the third thread covering this issue. I handled the CSS aspect in the 2nd one.

    EDIT: You really need to simplify your file structure. If there is no web server, simply make a base folder for all of your sites and then add a folder for each site within it.

    Local Path:
    Since your HTML files should already be inside the domain folder, this makes the path to your images easy.
    This way when you upload your files online, the path to the images is still ok.
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