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Thread: Profile page custumize

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    Profile page custumize

    Hello guys
    Firstly id like to say hello to everyone im new here.
    I have a question i would like someone to have a go at.
    I want to create a website that would allow my users to have a profile page
    (a gaming clan website) the profile page will need the ability to alow members to customise there page ie. header colours layout ect...
    How hard is this to do? I have not decided how im going to write this website i merly trying to find out what the best way would be ie dreamweaver and if its possible.

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    PHP and MySQL to control your users' settings, HTML and CSS to control the actual layout, and AJAX and jQuery to make it all nicey nice as a user interface. Good luck.

    Unless of course you have a spare £5k laying about?
    Titanium Web Designs Ltd - Bespoke websites and online systems

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    I would use the PHP version of Eclipse or Komodo versus Dreamweaver but that's partly based on how much you want to use the WYSIWYG aspect of Dreamweaver.

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