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Thread: File Uploads w/ CodeIgniter

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    File Uploads w/ CodeIgniter

    I am in need of guidance!!!

    I need to be able to setup a file manager utility that allows users to upload pdf files that are unique to their user profile. Once they upload the files, the need to be able to view, delete, or print the documents.

    In addition, I need to have another set of users who are able to view the files uploaded by the first set of users I outlined...but I need some way for them to only be able to see the files uploaded by particular users.

    Im using CodeIgniter as a framework. If ANYONE has any insight on this regardless of how limited it may be, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    CI has a good upload helper class, upload, store them in your filesyststem and store the file name, owner and path in a database.

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