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Thread: javascript game - html5

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    Exclamation javascript game - html5


    I can't make this script work.

    I folloed the instractions.

    But still nothing ...

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    Not sure if this forum or any forum will answer your thread, the way your question is asked.

    You dont really have any question or specific point of help needed.

    About the game script you reference. I don't see that they have provided a demo link showing the game.

    Also the code script doesn't have any restraints and runs off the end of the webPage. Yucks. From a CSS view it needs perhaps better <div> management or make the browser screen wider.

    online scripts are difficult, not many work, this script I do know, will need all the html tag info created etc.

    I am new to javaScript, so I hope I could help you a little. Save the script for study until you can learn more of what makes it work.

    You may be able to find the same game on another snippet site that will work for you.

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