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Thread: How can I use acces to inside function in classes in PHP5?

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    How can I use acces to inside function in classes in PHP5?

    Hi, i have this code and I need using some like this:

    $set->sql->insert('something text');

    my code:

    class set{

    function sql()


    function insert($gettext) { // INSERT INTO ..... }
    function delete($gettext) { // DELETE ...... }


    $set = new set();

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    Seems like you are well away.

    So you have two php files.

    One is the class file because you should have it seperate.

    The other is the index.php file say.

    in your index.php have.

    PHP Code:


    //if new window then start sessions to store objects

    if (!@$_SESSION['set']){
    $_SESSION['set'] = new SetClass();

    //Value of text to be inserted comes from a post say

    if (isset($_POST['submit_insert'])){ 

    if (isset(

    My post is very basic and shows nothing of the HTML wrapped around the index.php page nor does it show any sanitization etc.
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