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Thread: images dissapear out the webfolder and from folder it was dragged from

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    images dissapear out the webfolder and from folder it was dragged from

    Hi, when I drag images into a folder in the same directory that opens when I open file on the webeditor, the image dissapears when you open it, It also dissapears from the folder Ive dragged it from, and I never find these images again. eg: dragged image from spencer/Mywebsites/MyGraphics to Desktop/Mywebsites/Mygraphics. When I open file in the webeditor the Desktop/Mywebsites/Mygraphics directory opens.

    I still cant get an image on my webeditor.
    Spufi, you said I must have the html file already inside the domain folder, this makes the path to your images easy. You wrote c:/sites/domain/images/

    Is this right, or what am I doing wrong, or how do I do it like that.

    Also notepad, how do you code in it, if I click on file it just shows new, open,save,save as,page setup,print,exit. and unerneath edit it has replace, select all, time/date. then under format, just word wrap and font. then view has just nothing, just empty status bar, not in bold though.

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    After inserting an image. I try to move the image by dragging it and dropping it a few lines further up or down. After releasing the mouse I notice how something is happening in my browser status bar for just an instant and within fragments of a second the image turns into the "broken image url"-symbol.

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