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Thread: How to install dreamviewer?

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    How to install dreamviewer?

    I am installing dream viewer in my computer system But i am getting error during this. Please tell me that what are the steps of installing this software?

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    Uninstall it and forget. That's not for men.

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    It's easy to install Dreamweaver. Follow these simple instructions.
    1) Insert the Dreamweaver CD into your CD-ROM drive.
    2) Do one of the following:
    3) Macintosh: double click on the installer icon.Windows: the installer should auto-run. If it does not, go to your CD-ROM in your Windows explorer and double click on the "autorun" file.
    4) Enter the required information, including any registration codes required.
    5)Windows users may be required to restart their computer.

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    A persistent cookie also known as a stored cookie,it is a file that is stored on a user computer. The benefits of this cookie is that they can show fast results and more convenient access like login details that remove the need to login on each visit to the web site.

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